D21Machine Learning Engine Experimental network and system architectureVersion 1.1 (.pdf)Oct.2009
D22Machine Learning Engine Experimental low-level designVersion 1.0 (.pdf)May.2010
D23Machine Learning Engine low-level network and system specificationVersion 1.0 (.pdf)Dec.2011
D31Experimental Plans and ScenariosVersion 1.0 (.pdf)Feb.2009
D32Design and Implementation of TO1Version 1.0 (.pdf)Oct.2009
D33Experimental evaluation of TO1Version 1.0 (.pdf)Jun.2010
D34Design and Implementation of TO2Version 1.0 (.pdf)Oct.2009
D35Experimental evaluation of TO2Version 1.1 (.pdf)Jun.2010
D36Design and Implementation of TO3Version 1.0 (.pdf)Oct.2009
D37Experimental evaluation of TO3Version 1.1 (.pdf)Jun.2010
D41Experimental scenarios including evaluation criteria and methodologyVersion 1.1 (.pdf)May.2010
D42EUA Software Documentation (Machine Learning Engine Software)Version 1.0 (.pdf)Aug.2011
D43Experimental evaluation of the machine learning engineVersion 1.0 (.pdf)Dec.2011
DF1Links between research and experimentationVersion 1.1 (.pdf)May.2010
DF2Federating RequirementsN/AMay.2010

Note: deliverables are made public after validation by EU Commission.

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